Why Hire a Bookkeeper?

If you are just starting out, you may feel that hiring a bookkeeper right away may be a premature action. That your accountant can look over your financial details once a quarter. Whether you are new to business ownership or have owned your own company for several years, Balanced Numbers can show you three important reasons why you should have hired sooner!

  • They save you time. A bookkeeper understands how to take your data and compile it into the proper reports and accounting software, assign expenses to the correct clients, and make sense of all your incoming and outgoing business transactions. It honestly is a skilled profession, and having a qualified individual in your corner can impact the momentum of your business exponentially.
  • They understand your business. Because they deal with your day-to-day financials, a good bookkeeper holds deep insight regarding your daily financial activities. They have the ability to flag any potential mistakes before they can occur. Sharing their knowledge and working hand in hand with you will aid in maintaining your company’s best interest.
  • They help with cash flow management. Bookkeepers are involved in your every day banking. Having a qualified individual watch over your daily accounts will ultimately help with your cash flow management. Without proper monitoring, this can ultimately affect your business’ growth and development and is a vital service.

How Do I Choose The Right Bookkeeper?

You have decided to take the next step and hire a bookkeeper for your small or large business, but what happens next? How do I ensure I find the right fit for my company the first time around? There are several key factors to take into consideration when hiring someone for your firm.

  • Accountants have to undergo several years of university schooling to become qualified in their field, a bookkeeper does not. You can choose to hire a bookkeeping firm, but an independent consultant can be more personable and attentive to your needs as a growing organization. At Balanced Numbers certification is a top priority. We are continuously leaping on education opportunities for our own personal growth and development. As with any career avenue, it is vital to stay up to date with our ever changing society and technology.
  • There are several online programs today that do allow for the exchange of information via an internet connection. Outsourcing to another province, country or web based service is of course always an option for you. However, when choosing to hire locally, you are making the informed decision of getting to know your bookkeeper on that personable trusting level. It is crucial to feel confident knowing your financial records are kept with the utmost discretion and security.
  • Choose the right person. Talk to as many people or firms as you need to. Interview them twice if necessary, and be sure to check their references and qualifications. It’s also important to think about personality and culture fit. Your chosen bookkeeper will be communicating a lot with you and your staff, even if they aren’t employed full-time. It pays to hire someone who works well in your environment. Trust your instincts here, and hire someone who is friendly, helpful, and above all, keen.